Our manufacturing facilities extend over approx. 5000 square meters at several locations. We have set these up optimally for our requirements. Just like our technologies and our chip design. Thanks to the integration of all departments - research and development, chip design, and production in particular - our products can perform intelligent functions and are of high quality.

In Germany, Elmos manufactures semiconductors on 8 inch wafer diameters using a variety of CMOS technologies. To manage production, we utilise seamless, automatic recording of all products throughout the various manufacturing stages. Computer-controlled process management allows for short cycle times, while all quality-related parameters are continuously monitored and saved to databases. We know: Our products only offer peak performance thanks to optimal manufacturing.

In addition to wafer production, a test division is located in Dortmund. Both whole wafers and packaged components are subjected to electrical tests here. In addition to the semiconductor manufacturing in Germany, Elmos has a separate production facility at the subsidiary SMI in Milpitas/ California/ USA where a 6 inch system is used to manufacture MEMS pressure sensors.

The in-house capacity is complemented by partnerships with made to order production companies (foundries). These provide additional capacities and allow Elmos to react flexibly even to larger demand fluctuations. In addition, Elmos also works closely with the partner foundry MagnaChip, both on the technology side and with regard to wafer production.