Goals and Strategies

1. We want to grow faster than the market on an international scale
Elmos benefits from the global megatrends such as driver assistance up to autonomous driving, active and passive safety, less emissions up to electromobility, efficiency improvements, and network communication. These megatrends influence the ongoing electrification of vehicles, everyday objects and industrial plants. The share of semiconductors in these areas has been growing continuously for years. It is our goal to grow faster than the market. Apart from our domestic market Europe, we keep seeking to generate growth in Asia and increasingly so in the U.S.A. Thus we are creating a solid basis for the future.

2. We want to win leading market positions based on innovation
In many markets we have taken leading positions with our products. Elmos wants to maintain this success and expand it wherever possible. Our three product lines Sensors, Motor Control, and Embedded Solutions develop innovative products in response to market needs. Our subsidiary SMI supplies competitive solutions with integrated microsystems or microchips based on MEMS. With these innovations – be it specially tailored customer solutions or application specific standard components –, Elmos wants to be successful also by close cooperation with the customers. Roughly 40% of sales are currently achieved with application specific components (ASSPs) already (2015: about 35%). A majority of the products in development target the growth field of ASSPs. We will keep convincing customers in application fields with specialized and in part IP protected solutions.

3. We manufacture with high efficiency and push our fab lite strategy
In our in-house production facilities we work daily at increasing efficiency by optimization in all areas and steps of the manufacturing process. We benefit in in-house manufacturing from our specialized mixed-signal portfolio and our know-how. Apart from our own manufacture, we cooperate for a part of our value chain with foundries, depending on requirements and volumes, and thus push our fab lite strategy. With this network we can act more flexibly, expand our portfolio of manufacturing processes and avoid costly investments in our in-house manufacture for potentially short-lived volume peaks. We will continue and expand the cooperation with partners over the next years.

4. We emphasize a solid financial basis
Elmos operates from a solid financial basis. We want to protect this financial strength and flexibility Elmos has with continued profitable growth. The goal is to achieve a sustained positive (adjusted) free cash flow with solid business results and reasonable capital expenditures. The management‘s focus is also on the continued participation of the shareholders in the Company’s success by the distribution of an adequate dividend.

5. We have highly motivated employees
Highly motivated employees are of particular importance to the successful development of our business. Elmos relies on a corporate culture geared to performance and development, combined with strong social responsibility. We promote personal and cultural diversity in the Company. We also place special emphasis on an appealing work environment, flexible working conditions, and good opportunities for further training. We offer attractive prospects and want to keep winning talented young professionals for our Company’s successful and sustained development. We expect impeccable behavior from our employees in interaction with the Company, their colleagues, and third parties.