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E909.06 | HALIOS® Multi Purpose Sensor for Automotive


The IC is based on an optical bridge technology which provides a non-mechanical detection of movements. The system detects the optical reflections of an object in front of the sensor by using a function principle called HALIOS® (High Ambient Light Independent Optical System) which is very effective in the suppression of ambient light and also has self calibration capability to eliminate disturbances caused by housing reflections and scratches. In the same manner capacitive systems can be addressed by using the integrated charge amplifier.

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  • Optical/capacitive sensor IC for gesture control and object detection
  • Controls up to 4 LED sending channels
  • 16Bit µC with up to 60k FLASH
  • SPI, I²C and LIN-SCI Interfaces
  • Standard Firmware implemented
  • ƒScaleable IR based HMI platforms
  • ƒAutomotive qualified (AEC-Q100)


  • ƒProximity & gesture recognition
  • ƒHMI for infotainment
  • ƒSuperior User Experience for touch screen displays

Ordering Information

  • Samples
    Part No.Temp. RangePackageOrder No.
    E909.06-40°C to +85°CQFN32L5E90906A61B


  • Boards
    Part No.DescriptionBoard typeOrder No.
    E909.06Gesture Reference HALIOS® BoardDemoboardRD1210005
    E909.06HALIOS® 2 inch sliderDemoboardK98110-0002
    E909.06HALIOS® COM BoardCom BoardAC1210001
    E909.06Evaluation Kit V3Evaluation BoardKI1210003


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Application Diagram

HALIOS® Multi Purpose Sensor for Automotive