Interface _ CAN Transceiver and System Basis Chip

The Elmos ICs offers a broad portfolio of reliable CAN transceivers and SBCs. They are designed for the harsh automotive environment in Body, Safety and Powertrain applications. We help you to set up an innovative, cost-effective solution with a minimum of effort.
Part-No./Function Interface FlexRayTM Standard Recommended IMAX Efficiency Output Range Transducer frequency Driver output Memory Detection Sensitivity Bandwidth VBAT VOUT VSUPPLY Protection ISUPPLY IPEAK IMAX DC P(Motor) peak P(Motor)max VDD VER Iq RDSON ESD (kV) Bitrate Cranking Support High-Side Driven Low-Side Driven Bi-Stabil Included µC Feed-Back Inputs Package Status Comment
High Speed CAN Transceiver for Partial Networking
11898-2/-5/-6 5.5V to 27V 5V 15µA 8 up to 1 Mbit/s



Quad-CAN Transceiver
11898-2/-5 5.5V to 30V 5V 30µA 6 up to 1 Mbit/s