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E522.41, E522.43 | Automotive USB 2.0 Power & Protect


The E522.41/43 is a USB 2.0 compatible power supply with protection features for the automotive environment. Protection includes ISO7637 pulses on the input, as well as short to battery/ground and 2kV ESD (HBM) on the USB bus and data lines.

An I2C interface allows system setup and diagnostics in real time via external microprocessor. Three different I2C bus system addresses are decoded by pin ADR. An internal Switch-Mode Power Supply (SMPS) provides efficient USB 5V supply from either vehicle battery or a lower voltage bus rail. Selectable soft power-up sequence protects the external parts from overload and reduces inrush currents. The switching frequency can be synchronized in Master-Slave configurations with other devices via PLL input. In addition the switchable spread spectrum option reduces EMI.

The E522.41/43 supports USB charging downstream loads according to the Battery Charging Specification Revision 1.2 and various other specific USB charger emulations.


  • Wide input voltage range from 6V to 32V (tran. 42V)
  • PWM Step-Down converter 250kHz, 500kHz, 1MHz or 2MHz
  • Advanced PWM voltage regulation with 100% duty cycle
  • Fixed 5V±3% USB BUS voltage, w. negative resistance adjustm.
  • Output currents of 0.5/1A/1.5A/2.5A w. fixed limits or regulation
  • ±25% synchronizable to center frequencies
  • Wake-on USB functionality
  • Adjustable for SDP or BC1.2 CDP downstream loads and DCP or individual USB chargers


  • Automotive infotainment and navigation
  • USB-Chargers

Ordering Information

  • Samples
    Part No.TempJunc RangePackageOrder No.
    E522.41-40°C to +150°CQFN20L5E52241B62C
    E522.43-40°C to +150°CQFN20L5E52243B62C


  • Boards
    Part No.DescriptionBoard typeOrder No.
    E522.41Automotive USB Supply with Data-Line Protection and I2C InterfaceEvaluation KitK52241-0001


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Automotive USB 2.0 Power & Protect