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E522.32/E522.34 | Switch-Mode Constant Current LED Controller Family (Oscillator Spectrum Spread/Narrow)


E522.32 and E522.34 are parts of a family of fixed frequency switch-mode high voltage LED power supplies and controllers with high efficiency. Integrated highside sensing allows topologies related to GND (Boost-to-GND or SEPIC) as well as related to input voltage (Boost-to-battery or Buck-to-battery, particularly in harsh automotive environments.
The switching frequency is adjustable up to 600kHz by an external resistor or can be synchronized in Master-Slave configurations with other devices. The phase shift of 180° between channels essentially reduces EMI. Devices are available as 2-channel with spread spectrum oscillators (E522.32) and as 2- channel without spread spectrum (E522.34) versions to optimize size and effort of the application. Multiple control- and monitoring functions, e.g. short- and open load detection, overtemperature shutdown and undervoltage lockout are implemented.

More Informations: automotive-led-driver.elmos.com/constant-current-led-controller.html


  • 5.0V to 55V input, up to 80V boosted output voltage
  • Boost-to-GND, Boost-to-Battery and SEPIC topologies supported
  • Constant current regulation
  • Analog dimming and digital dimming 3000:1 at 100Hz PWM
  • Advanced In-System Diagnostic (e.g. GND loss, output-overload and highside-feedback diagnostics)
  • Very low sleep mode currents of typ. 8μA


  • Automotive LED lighting applications
  • General indoor and outdoor lighting and signals
  • TFT backlighting
  • General current driven applications

Ordering Information

  • Demoboard - Headlight LED Demo (2x Boost to Battery Topology) for High Beam, Low Beam (1A) and Daytime Running Light (750mA) | Request
  • Demoboard - Buck to Battery dual phase Converter (6A) | Request
  • Samples E522.32 | Request
  • Samples E522.34 | Request

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Switch-Mode Constant Current LED Controller Family (Oscillator Spectrum Spread/Narrow)