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E527.16 | HALIOS® Gesture Switch


Fast and reliable gesture recognition based on the proven robustness of HALIOS®. Our technology and long term HMI experience provides an easy to use state-oft-he-art interface for your products. Amazing usability included!
The IC is ready to identify the necessary gestures used for basic controls (e. g. dimming). These gestures can be used to directly control the light. Alternatively they can be switched to digital outputs to be connected to your MCU.

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  • Ready-to-use functions
  • Implemented gesture recognition
  • Detection approx. 25cm
  • Direct light control possible
  • PWM-Output (125 Hz, 8 Bit)
  • Reference schematics and reference layout are available


  • Innovative motion controlled light
  • Optical push buttons and controls
  • Wake-up function for saving energy
  • Pre-selection to simplify menu structures

Ordering Information

  • Samples
    Part No.Temp. RangePackageOrder No.
    E527.16-40°C to +85°CQFN32L5E52716A61B


  • Boards
    Part No.DescriptionBoard typeOrder No.
    E527.16HALIOS® Reference Design BoardDemoboardRD1210001


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Application Diagram

HALIOS® Gesture Switch