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E527.05 | HALIOS® Rain and Light Sensor with LIN


The RL IC (Rain and Light Sensor) is intended for controlling an optical sensor unit in automotive wiping systems.
It provides two embedded LED drivers with up to 40mA current for stimuli generation. A special, high-sensitive receiver allows processing of a diode input signal without total reflection of the send
signal, allowing reliable detection of rain. Due to the used HALIOS®-SD measurement method a very high robustness against sun light is provided.
The device has four additional input channels for ambient light measurements.


  • Rain Sensor with SBC functionality
  • LIN Transceiver
  • Configurable µC window watchdog
  • High sensitivity, no total reflection needed
  • Very high robustness against ambient influences like sun light, ageing and dirt
  • 2 embedded LED Drivers, no external drivers needed
  • Supports functional safety (large number of diagnostic functions)


  • Innovative motion controlled light
  • Optical push buttons and controls
  • Wake-up function for saving energy
  • Pre-selection to simplify menu structures

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HALIOS® Rain and  Light Sensor with LIN