Interface_IO-Link® Transceiver

IO-Link offers the advantage that the interface specification leaves the integration in the automation environment open. Therefore integration in every field bus system is basically possible. Already since the beginning of 2007 Elmos is an active player in the IO-Link consortium. Elmos offers transceiver solutions for device (slave) applications as well as multi-port master units.
Part-No./Function Interface FlexRayTM Standard Recommended IMAX Efficiency Output Range Transducer frequency Driver output Memory Detection Sensitivity Bandwidth VBAT VOUT VSUPPLY Protection ISUPPLY IPEAK IMAX DC P(Motor) peak P(Motor)max VDD VER Iq RDSON ESD (kV) Bitrate Cranking Support High-Side Driven Low-Side Driven Bi-Stabil Included µC Feed-Back Inputs Package Status Comment
Basic IO-Link® Transceiver









































8V to 36V





5V 1.5mA





2 up to 230.4 Kbit/s










Dual IO-Link® Master Transceiver with UARTs





















8V to 32V



3.3V 3mA



6 up to 230.4 Kbit/s