Sensor _ Thermopile

E931.08 | Single Channel Sensor Signal Processor


The E931.08 integrated circuit is designed for interfacing Thermopile sensors with microcontrollers or processors. A single wire Data Out, Clock In (DOCI™) interface
is provided for interfacing with a micro-controller. Multiple devices can easily be operated at the same time. One thermopile sensor connects directly to the analog inputs of the IC. The sensor signal is converted to a 17 bit digital value. The E931.08 contains an on chip temperature measurement circuit with a resolution of better than 0.02K.
A 14 bit temperature value as well as a 17 bit sensor value is supplied to an external microcontroller through the DOCI™ interface.


  • Remote temperature sensing
  • Direct connection to PIR sensor elements
  • Temperature measurement
  • Differential analog input
  • Low Current Consumption
  • Excellent power supply rejection
  • High dynamic range


  • Compact ear thermometer
  • High precision remote temperature sensing
  • Infrared pyrometers

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Single Channel Sensor Signal Processor