This bipolar stepper-motor actuator provides a sensorless end position detection which also is able to detect a blocked motor due to mechanical problems. This function, called “stall detection” is performing within a wide... read more


  • Voltage range 7V to 18V (5.5V to 42V peak)
  • LIN 2.x (1.3, SAE-J2602 comp.) or PWM bidirectional
  • Motor driver for one bipolar stepper motor
  • Microstepping chopper current up to 2 x 190mA
  • Slave node position detection / auto addressing
  • 8bit CPU, 8k FLASH, 64Byte E2PROM
  • 3 GPIO pins and sensor supply
  • TJunc peak = +150°C (Contact supplier for higher temperature)


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Info Sheet PDF 209 kB

Application diagram


  • Actuator Universal
  • HVAC flaps
  • Small grill shutter
  • Water valve
  • Liquid valve
  • Cruise Control
  • Mirror Control
  • Multi purpose LIN slave

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Part No. Feature Package Order No.
E523.60 8k FLASH QFN32L6 E52360A77B
E523.61 8k ROM (on request) QFN20L5 -
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