This IC is developed for automotive applications to control one NMOS – FET for driving DC motors, or other loads. The IC provides a power supply (3.3V or 5V), reset and watchdog for an external μC and is designed for junction... read more


  • Voltage range 7 to 28V (5V to 42V peak)
  • LIN 2.x (1.3, SAE-J2602 comp.) or PWM bidirectional
  • Deep sleep mode current l< 30μA
  • Voltage Regulator for ext.μC: 3.3V/5V, IMAX=30mA
  • Window-watchdog, dynamical change via SPI
  • Amplifier for low side motor current measurement
  • Over-current switch-off, dynamical change via SPI
  • Monitoring battery voltage, gate supply, temperature


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Application diagram


  • DC Wiper
  • DC HVAC fan, engine cooling fan
  • DC fuel pump, hydraulic pump, oil pump
  • Multiple DC motor control
  • Without external FETs: direct driving of small loads

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Part No. Characteristics Package Order No.
E523.03 LIN 2.x or PWM-interface
with 5V regulator
QFN20L4 E52303A52C
E523.03 LIN 2.x or PWM-interface QFN32L5 w. hight voltage spacer E52303A61C
E523.04 LIN 2.x or PWM-interface
with 3.3V regulator
QFN20L4 E52304A52C
E523.04 LIN 2.x or PWM-interface
with 3.3V regulator
QFN32L5 w. hight voltage spacer E52304A61C
E523.13 PWM - interface
with 5V regulator
QFN20L4 E52313A52C
E523.14 PWM - interface
with 3.3V regulator
QFN20L4 E52314A52C


Part No. Demo also relative for Function Board type Order No.
E523.03 E523.04, E523.13, E523.14 DC Motor LS FET Driver (LIN / PWM Interface) Demo- / Evaluation Board K52303-0001
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