Comprehensive functional safety processes worldwide

Elmos Semiconductor AG has received certification for its functional safety processes in compliance with ISO 26262. The audit validates the world's most comprehensive functional safety implementation in semiconductor development and production processes (as of Nov. 2015). The development methodology in particular stands out: Elmos is now outlining the best possible functional safety process using the methods of system level development also for the ICs, and among other things follows ISO 26262-4 "Product Development at the System Level" and ISO 26262-5 "Product Development at the Hardware Level".

The systematic development of chip architectures is firmly established in the design process. The ICs are designed according to functional safety requirements right from the start. In this way, Elmos customers can implement efficient system design in accordance with ISO 26262.

SGS-TÜV Saar GmbH has verified the methodology for developing safety-related semiconductors. Elmos meets the requirements for certification in accordance with the ISO standard parts ISO 26262-2,4,5,7,8,9 relevant to semiconductors, and thus the demanding requirements up to ASIL D. Elmos benefitted from over 30 years of experience in the development and production of automotive semiconductors when it introduced ISO 26262.

The Elmos semiconductors complement the sensor evaluation or actuator control functions of intelligent electronic safety systems in vehicles, for example. As a result, the company places a high priority on a development process which effectively incorporates the highest safety measures. A systematically requirement-based development approach with abstraction levels (level model) was selected, in order to develop a functional and technical specification of the IC which matches the intended application. In this way, Elmos ensures the structured and complete specification of the IC requirements based on the system. Verification of the IC safety concept and its implementation is ensured through safety analyses, reviews and internal assessments. The focus is on smooth integration of the ICs in the safety-related systems of the automotive industry customers.

ISO 26262 defines a process model for the development of safety-related systems involving one or more electrical and/or electronic functions for the series production of vehicles. The objective is to avoid unreasonable risks.

ISO 26262 Certificate