Quality system

Elmos consistently implements its First-Time-Right and Zero Error strategy within the framework of continuous improvement processes. This allows Elmos to achieve an outstanding level of quality both in its products and in its business and production processes. Thanks to predictive quality planning and monitoring of customer requirements starting during the development phase, quality is primarily achieved not after the fact through selection, but produced competitively right from the start with minimal scrap.

This high level of quality is achieved through regular reviews of the implemented processes and tooling, seamless management of series products from acquisition to development, production, and delivery, ongoing analyses, and state of the art statistical processes. Thanks to sophisticated traceability, Elmos is able to detect the causes of the smallest deviations from the "target" early on and to minimise the consequences effectively and permanently, and to support its customers effectively. Internal laboratories analyse and review not only potential semiconductor manufacturing defect mechanisms, but also sensor and housing specific attributes, thereby closing the control loop for continuous improvement of the Elmos production processes.

The Elmos quality management system is audited annually at the certified sites by our certifier according to the DIN ISO 9001 and IATF 16949:2016 requirements through monitoring and repeat audits.

Quality for our customers

Our policy for all products is: Detect sources of defects in advance. This allows us to prevent defects before they even occur. In addition, we test all our products in over ten million test steps per week. We have been operating successfully for over ten years according to international quality standards. Our current quality management system is certified according to IATF 16949:2016.

Our strength lies in the robustness of our chips. They work even under extreme conditions, such as ambient temperatures between minus 40°C and plus 175°C. This is important so that the chips measure, regulate, and control flawlessly even in the vicinity of the engine, such as in the generator or throttle body.

Our Zero Error strategy translates into your pure driving fun and hassle-free use of your household equipment. For our customers, it means perfect interaction with their applications and systems. Everyone wins as a result.

The high quality level of Elmos products is guaranteed by motivated employees, continuous improvement of the management system, state of the art plants and systems, the application of statistical methods, management of series products from development to manufacturing, and continuous improvement in all areas.

Quality in purchasing

As an international company, we depend on qualified suppliers around the world in order to allow us to optimally fulfil our customer's expectations.

Our current purchasing terms are available below as a PDF file for you to download:

Quality in logistics

We also emphasise quality with regard to shipping and logistics.
This is why Elmos received the AEO certificate, among other things. More information: Within the customs law of the European Union, an Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) is an audited company which enjoys certain privileges.