Social, ecological, and economic standards
Elmos strives for sustainable profitability and provisioning of attractive returns for the shareholders. This is based on assigning equal value to social, ecological, and economic requirements.

Our responsibility is based on mutual respect and social discourse with one another. All employees feel that they are part of the company, and every one knows how they contribute to the company's success. The philosophy of open doors at all levels is lived implicitly - every day.

Our high standards with regard to responsible use of energy has now been confirmed by specialists as well. At the end of 2012, external auditors issued the new energy management certificate according to the ISO standard 50001 to the Dortmund head office. The goal is to save energy. Elements of the energy management system include energy policy, defining energy goals, identifying potential savings, establishing measures, and reviewing and monitoring these.

Our identity includes the integration of all employees, regardless of age, descent, gender, disability, or religion. Youth also plays an important role in this regard. Around ten percent of our employees are apprentices. This allows us to give young people the opportunity to prove themselves and to reach our common goal: Manufacturing a chip which is simply better.

The following publications provide information on responsible action at Elmos:

Code of Conduct