The IC is based on an optical bridge technology which provides a non-mechanical detection of movements. The system detects the optical reflections of an object in front of the sensor by using a function principle called... read more


  • Optical/capacitive sensor IC for gesture control and object detection
  • Controls up to 4 LED sending channels
  • 16Bit µC with up to 60k FLASH
  • SPI, I²C and LIN-SCI Interfaces
  • Standard Firmware implemented
  • ƒScaleable IR based HMI platforms
  • ƒAutomotive qualified (AEC-Q100)


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Info Sheet PDF 242 kB
Info Sheet PDF 242 kB
Info Sheet PDF 242 kB
Product Flyer Automotive Gesture Control PDF 5,8 MB

Application diagram


  • Proximity & gesture recognition
  • ƒHMI for infotainment (gesture detection, proximity detection)
  • ƒSuperior User Experience for touch screen displays

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Part No. Temp. Range Package Order No.
E909.06 -40°C to +85°C QFN32L5 E90906A61B


Part No. Description Board type Order No.
E909.06 Gesture Reference HALIOS® Board Demoboard RD1210005
E909.06 HALIOS® 2 inch slider Demoboard K98110-0002
E909.06 HALIOS® COM Board Com Board AC1210001
E909.06 Evaluation Kit V3 Evaluation Board KI1210003
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