The E522.01/02/03/04/05/06/07/08/09 product family provides ultra low quiescent current step down DC/DC converters with integrated power MOSFET.
The PFM (Pulse Frequency Modulation) regulator allows outstanding fast line-... read more


  • Voltage range 4.3V to 40V
  • PFM regulator up to 1.33MHz
  • Up to >92% efficiency
  • Very low 8µA sleep mode current
  • Ultra low 12µA standby current
  • 100% duty cycle capability
  • AEC-Q100 qualification
  • Junction temperature range –40°C to +150°C


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Application diagram


  • Micro Controller Systems
  • Automotive Telematics (Dashboards, LED Background Lighting)
  • Rear Light Module
  • Brake Lamp
  • Daytime Running Light
  • USB Supplies
  • Body Computer
  • Partial Networking
  • Peripheral Control Systems

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Part No. Output Voltage Output Current TempJunc Range Package Order No.
E522.07 5V 1000mA -40°C to +150°C QFN20L4 E52207A52C


Part No. Description Board type Order No.
E522.07 Low Quiescent Current PFM Step Down Converter (5V/1A) Demoboard High Frequency Low Power 5V 1A Step Down Converter  K52207-0001
E522.07 Low Quiescent Current PFM Step Down Converter (Constant Current) Demoboard High Frequency Step Down Converter for Constant Current  K52207-0002
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