The E524.7x is an absolute pressure sensor for barometric air pressure measurement. It includes a piezoresistive pressure bridge and a signal processing IC, which performs amplification and thermal compensation of the... read more


  • Fully integrated pressure sensor
  • Full thermal compensation to accuracy ±1.0 kPa
  • Pressure output, 16-bit resolution
  • Temperature output (internal sensor), 16-bit resolution
  • Sensor diagnostics (state-of-health)
  • Power-down control: Sleep Mode with low current consumption selected via SPI
  • Unique device ID  
  • Diagnosis of sensor, sensor supply and wiring, and NVM check-sum supervision at power-on
  • Large temperature range -40 .. + 125°C


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Product Flyer Pressure Sensors PDF 1,9 MB

Application diagram


  • Automotive applications
  • Industrial applications
  • Medical applications

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Part No. Package Order No.
E524.71 SOIC8 E52471A53I232
E524.72 SOIC8 E52472A53I404
E524.73 SOIC8 E52473A53I432


Part No. Description Board type Order No.
E524.71 Application Circuit Board Demoboard K52471-0001
E524.72 Application Circuit Board Demoboard K52472-0001
E524.73 Application Circuit Board Demoboard K52473-0001
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