Career paths at Elmos

We like working with people who put their heart into their work! Elmos offers various paths to reach one's personal goals. One can take the management route on the one hand. For this route and following a targeted potential assessment, Elmos offers personnel training which prepares the employee for their future tasks. A career as a professional is available on the other hand. Field-oriented continuing education and specialization help in this regard.

Elmos is strongly involved in education. It's an investment in the future.

Internship and Thesis
We offer various opportunities for getting to know the field within the framework of a thesis, an internship, as a working student, or as a postgraduate.

University graduates
Did you complete your university studies successfully and are now looking for an interesting start to your career? We offer the foundation for doing so.

Experienced workers
Are you looking for a new challenge? Do you want to gain fresh perspectives? Are you searching for the next step in your career? Then you need a strong partner who can assess and advance your knowledge and abilities.

We look forward to your application!