Mixed-Signal Capsules – Career Enhancement

1 Capsule contains:
25mg innovation vitamin
25mg creativity extract
25mg market knowledge granulate
25mg foresight enzyme

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What are the indications for usage of Elmos?

  • Deficiencies of career opportunities
  • Circulatory complaints during acute job hunt
  • Sudden heat flashes caused by lack of opportunities for personal development
  • Chronic need for job change

As all pharmaceuticals, Elmos Acute Care 365 may cause side effects. The evaluation of possible side effects is based on the following frequency data:

  • 100% career development
  • 100% opportunities for innovation
  • 100% shaping the future
  • 100% positive work environment
  • 100% fun at work
  • 0% boredom

Excessive use may lead to immoderate satisfaction.

Special ingredients are career entry opportunities for:

  • Working students
  • Graduate students
  • University graduates
  • Qualified staff

The pharmaceutical product Elmos Acute Care 365 ensures pronounced employee satisfaction. For this purpose, Elmos offers its employees routine training courses in the various specific fields of expertise and in many different forms in order to guarantee effective work and the continuous development of its staff.

In addition to that, Elmos Acute Care 365 provides benefits that go beyond the traditional definition of an employee:

  • In-house cafeteria
  • In-house gym
  • Sporting events (corporate runs, dragon boat races, soccer tournaments)
  • Massage provided on-site
  • Various health care programs (influenza vaccination, mole checks, breast cancer screening, etc.)
  • High degree of further professional training
  • Executive training
  • Free English classes
  • Job rotation
  • Scholarships
  • Free accident insurance
  • Corporate pension scheme

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