Financial Information (according to IFRS)

Here you can find financial information according to IFRS.

in million Euro unless otherwise indicated20172016201520142013
    growth in % 9.5%4.1%4.8%10.8%5.0%
Gross profit110.196.891.691.479.2
    in % of sales43.9%42.3%41.7%43.6%41.9%
Research and development expenses33.836.
    in % of sales13.5%15.7%16.9%17.2%18.2%
    in % of sales15.3%10.1%11.2%10.8%6.7%
Earnings before taxes35.523.
    in % of sales14.2%10.1%11.0%11.0%6.6%
Consolidates net income attributable to owners of the parent24.915.916.218.39.4
    in % of sales10.0%6.9%7.4%8.7%5.0%
Earnings per share (basic) in Euro 1.260.800.820.940.49
Total assets336.9312.9306.9295.4270.9
Shareholders´ equity  240.1231.6219.4206.9192.7
    in % of total assets71.3%74.0%71.5%70.0%71.1%
Financial liabilities51.236.236.837.437.8
Liquid assets and securities84.491.690.584.477.1
Net cash33.255.453.747.039.3
Cash flow from operating activities37.933.550.340.021.4
Capital expenditures1
    in % of sales114.9%10.1%10.5%214.3%7.9%
Cash flow from investing activities-47.2-34.9-24.6-32.0-36.4
Adjusted free cash flow3-
Dividend per share in Euro 0.4040.350.330.330.25
Employees on annual average 1,1551,1271,1171,1041,053