Basic Information

The basic information gives a short overview of the most important data of the Elmos Aktiengesellschaft.

Name of company

Elmos Semiconductor AG

Legal form of Company

Incorporated Company (AG)

Date of Formation

Registered place of businessDortmund

Share capital

20,103,513 €

Board of Management

Dr. Anton Mindl 

(Chairman of Board of Management)

Guido Meyer
Dr. Arne Schneider
Dr. Peter Geiselhart

Supervisory Board

Dr. Klaus Weyer (Chairman)
Dr. Gottfried H. Dutiné
Dr. Klaus Egger
Thomas Lehner *
Sven-Olaf Schellenberg *
Prof. Dr. Günter Zimmer (Vice Chairman)

* employee representative

Areas of business

Development, production and distribution of integrated circuits


Heinrich-Hertz-Straße 1,
D-44227 Dortmund


+49(0)231 / 75 49 - 0
Fax+49(0)231 / 75 49 - 149