The steady increase in electronic components in the vehicle is accompanied by the need to guarantee communication between the individual modules/applications.

For this, Elmos has developed and is developing transceivers for widely-varying bus systems. The portfolio ranges from subsystems such as K bus and LIN bus, CAN and byteflight up to FlexRay. Beyond that, it is supplemented by the usual automotive board level systems.

By using the cells as IP in the most widely-varying customer-specific ASICs, the customer can rely on field-proved communication systems with new ASICs as well. With several hundred million supplied transceiver cells in standard products or as part of an ASIC, Elmos has continuously expanded its competence in the field of automotive bus systems in the last 10 years.

Excerpt of available bus systems and interfaces

  • CAN
  • K-Line
  • I2C
  • VAN
  • LIN
  • SPI
  • byteflight
  • FlexRay (in preparation)
  • BSD1 / 2