Customer Specifications

The customer specifications form the basis for creating a solution and describe the required functions of the semiconductor chip in detail. These specifications represent a starting point for both the kind and scope of development steps.

The development engineers, also called designers, evaluate these specifications very precisely. An offer, giving the customer a summary of the development costs and production costs for the series ASICs, is calculated on the basis of these specifications. Annual discounts and volume-dependent reductions are already incorporated to keep the costs transpa-rent for all parties concerned.

Once a development contract has been completed, the pro-cess can then begin. A development project team and a qua-lity planning team work out a product detail specification on the basis of the customer specifications. A detailed time schedule and detailed design documentation complete the quality-relevant documents. From now on, these documents will accompany the development of the semiconductor component which is orientated directly to the product detail specification. The customer can, at any time, gain insight into this documentation from the project leader which therefore keeps him constantly up to date.

As a next step, the requirements of the chip must be analysed and divided into single functional units. As a rule, these rough circuit blocks serve as the basis for a structure description which illustrates the requirements on the circuit.