IP cells

The individual circuit and function blocks are hierarchically divided into further units, and primary interfaces and supply concepts are specified. What remain are the smallest meaningful circuit units, the so-called cells or circuit blocks.

Theses are functional circuit elements which have been developed on the basis of ELMOS semiconductor technologies and are for the most part available in design archives. These can be either single elements, such as power drivers, diodes or resistors, or complex circuit blocks, such as voltage regulators or analogue-digital converters. By application of IP cells, which can be assembled similar to the module principle, saves time and costs. The designer knows what basic functions are required in the chip and selects suitable components from a database. Naturally the development engineer can change elements at any time.

By using the database the designer can concentrate more on the specific uniqueness of the product. That way the customer receives its product in a shorter period of time and the product is already reliable at a very early stage. Our objective is, that the customer can already integrate and test the first prototype into its application.