Road to an ASIC

The ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit) is a chip, which in particular has been manufactured for the customer. The advantage: its know how stays protected and the special chip is tailor-made for the use in the application.

The creative design engineers begin the tasks that are needed to construct a new chip very systematically indeed. To begin with, the customer has his vision of what he wants. In some cases, this actual idea can already take on a very concrete form, it can also be the starting point for comprehensive system consultation. After all, advising the customer is one of the main tasks belonging to the Elmos sales and design engineers. They advise the customer on the optimal technical solution. All those involved fall back on long-standing experience in electronic know-how.

Best possible system integration, which means creating a higher functionality whilst simultaneously reducing the complexity at system level, is the target of the work. System knowledge combined with expertise and the optimal choice of possible integration strategies are prerequisites for success.