Vitec Global Electronics Co., Ltd.

About Vitec Global Electronics Co., Ltd.
Vitec Global Electronics Co., Ltd. was established in 1987 as a distributor of electronic components manufactured by Sony Corp. Since then, the Company has consistently expanded the scale of its business operations, today we have opened the 3 branches in Osaka, Iwaki, Utsunomiya. And not only domestic, 4 overseas branches have opened in Taiwan, Shanghai, Singapore, Hong Kong.

About Vitec Group
Vitec is a general electronics trading company dealing with semiconductors, electronic components and displays. We supply these items to electrical/electronic manufacturers and respond to our customers' diverse needs for solution/technical support, systems device and EMS-related businesses, by making the best use of our existing networks and expertise built as a trading company. Furthermore, we work to diversify into a new business stage, in cooperation with affiliated companies constituting the Vitec Group.

Vitec Global Electronics Co., Ltd.
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