Elmos answers to the increasing demands for robust systems have lead to monolithic integrated pressure sensors segments by combining standard CMOS and MEMS process.

Elmos provides a solution for pressure measurement, that does not need any long electrical connections between sensor and conditioning circuit. Also the product reduces the assembly effort and increases the reliability. As a plus, this solution is space saving compared to typical two-chip devices and cost perspective it is cheaper in assembly.

Elmos delivers this product for a multitude of applications e.g. customer’s subsequent processing or as packaged finished product.

Customer benefits

  • Standard CMOS-process & MEMS-process
  • Easy test of complete systems
  • Optimized combination of sensor and ASIC design
  • No performance loss at sensor-ASIC interface
  • High reliability due to separated sensor-ASIC bond interfaces
  • Robustness against external interferences
  • Effective assembly: complete system in one assembly step-less mounting space needed