Today, applications are growing more and more complex and need intelligent control. To satisfy these requirements, ELMOS provides a variety of microcontrollers for single-chip and multi-die solutions. Within these systems are an application-optimized microcontroller and a HV-peripheral-asic. The range for the microcontroller is up to 20 MHz, at 8bit or 16bit.

Depending on the ambient temperature, ELMOS provides Flash or ROM memory in different sizes. The communication in a dual-die solution between the two ICs is realized in a specific Die-to-Die Interface. Our cooperation with Freescale allows us to integrate an exclusively for ELMOS developed Star12 microcontroller with Die-to-Die Interface.

Customer benefits

  • Multi Chip Module is the optimal system solution
    due to usage of best technology for analogue and digital circuits
  • Simple logistics
  • Simple and reliable interfacing
  • Complexity reduction & clear responsibilties