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E909.11 | Ultra Low Power HALIOS®


Far reaching, stable proximity detection and an ALS input enables highly improved quality for well known features. Proven optical reliability – the original from the inventor!
Lowest current consumption together with the outstanding
HALIOS® advantages makes this product suitable for every (mobile) device. The high HALIOS® frequency shortens the active measurement time to the minimum. Easy to use due to optimized pre-settings based on many years of application experience.


  • Lowest stand by current of 0.4µA
  • Up to 1MHz HALIOS® frequency
  • Controls up to 3 LED sending channels
  • Ambient Light Measurement
  • High Speed 3.4MHz I²C Interface
  • New electro-optical basic coupling implemented
  • Standard Firmware implemented
  • Minimal external components


  • High performance proximity detection up to 50cm
  • Fast and reliable 3D gesture control solution for mobile and industrial devices

Ordering Information

  • Samples
    Part No.Temp. RangePackageOrder No.
    E909.11-40°C to +85°CQFN20L4E90911A52C
    E909.11-40°C to +85°CBare-Die-


  • Boards
    Part No.DescriptionBoard typeOrder No.
    E909.11Halios Reference Design BoardDemoboardRD1210002


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Application Diagram

Ultra Low Power HALIOS®