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E524.03 | Digital Ultrasonic Transducer Driver and Signal Processor (3-wire)


The E524.03 offers ultrasonic range detection with minimum component count. In transmit mode, the IC drives a center tapped transformer directly. Driver frequency, transmitted burst power and other parameters are user configurable and stored in embedded EEPROM via a single wire IO pin at assembly. The device features settings for short and long distance measurement. In receive mode, the echo signal is first amplified with a programmable gain amplifier and converted by an internal analog-to-digital converter. The signal is subsequently digitally filtered and compared. Comparator thresholds are adjustable via registers for defined interval lengths within a measurement period. The resulting signal is available via the bi-directional supply line for the hosting BCU. A “Receive Only” mode enables the reception of indirect echos supports. To minimize wires, the E524.03 communication over a single power supply line.




  • Stand-alone Ultrasonic Park Assist Solution
  • Programmable transducer frequencies 40kHz to 58kHz
  • Programmable driver current and receiver sensitivity
  • 14 programmable threshold/time settings
  • One wire I/O interface for programming and communication
  • 3-wire Interface
  • EEPROM for calibration data


  • Ultrasonic Park Assist (USPA/PAS/UPA)
  • Industrial Distance Measurement

Ordering Information

  • Samples
    Part No.Temp. RangePackageOrder No.
    E524.03-40°C to +105°CQFN20L4 E52403A52C


  • Boards
    Part No.DescriptionBoard typeOrder No.
    E524.0x"Ultrasonic Park Assist" Demonstrator with Demonstration SoftwareMaster BoardK5240X-0001
    E524.03Ultrasonic Sensor BoardSensor BoardK52403-0002


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Application Diagram

Digital Ultrasonic Transducer Driver and Signal Processor (3-wire)