Auto Addressing

With the aid of auto addressing, it has become possible to have “off the shelf” or rather “plug&play” components. Different part numbers or the components’ pre-programming has thus become obsolete. The LIN slave’s address is determined according to its network position, supported by a little software routine.

With Auto Addressing it is possible to eliminate expensive solutions like “Daisy Chaining” or “Plug- coding” in your system.

Applications for the Auto- Addressing Method (Bus- Shunt- Method)

  • Low- cost LIN- slave (actors & sensors)
  • Door (respective door lock, window control, mirror control)
  • Seat Cluster (respective motors, air fan, sensors)
  • Park assist sensors (sensors in the bumper of the car)
  • HVAC- systems (flap- motors, actors & sensors)
  • Peripheral PTC- Heaters (air- valve)
  • Roof- module