MEMS Sensors

Silicon Microstructures, Inc. (SMI) provides precision silicon sensors and Micro- Electro- Mechanical Systems (MEMS) for automotive, medical, and industrial applications.

Elmos sensor specialist SMI supplies these advanced silicon-based MEMS sensor products in standard packages and as bare dies – for easy integration into a variety of applications.

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Standard process based manufacturing, coupled with high levels of integration, allows superior accuracy and at the same time provides OEM customers with significant cost savings.

As a full service silicon foundry for standard and customer-specific MEMS products, SMI covers all phases of product development: design, manufacturing, test, qualification, and customer support. Besides pressure sensor manufacturing, SMI has a high expertise in a wide variety of MEMS structures, such as ultra-miniature catheter sensors, strain sensors, humidity sensors, and precision capacitive devices.  Pressure sensorsProviding a full range of silicon pressure sensors, SMI specializes in low-pressure (10 mbar / 0.15 psi full scale) products. A large number of OEMs depend on SMI as a reliable high-volume supplier of low-pressure die and packaged sensors: SMI ships pressure sensors in die form and various packages, including new fully amplified devices with electronic calibration. SMI currently is also providing sub-miniature pressure sensor cells, yielding 25,000 dies per wafer, as well as co-integrated sensors with digital signal correction and digital as well as analog interface. Sensor die products are probed, diced, tested, inspected, mapped and shipped on blue foil.Packaged parts are additionally tested after assembly, and shipped in IC- tubes, or tape and reel.SMI product portfolio

  • High-Volume pressure sensors for OEM use
  • Compensated and uncompensated
  • Full range of pressure die up to 5,000 psi (340 mbar) full scale
  • Low-pressure series down to 0.15 psi (10 mbar) full scale
  • Ultra-small die series at 25,000 die per wafer
  • Backside entry or noble metal for corrosive environments
  • Co-Integrated pressure sensors with amplification and calibration on chip

SMI capabilities

  • 6” MEMS bulk and surface micro machining
  • High volume production on an ISO 9001 and ISO/TS 16949 certified production line
  • Combination of standard CMOS and standard MEMS processes on 6’’
  • Customisation of standard products

Automotive applications

  • Side airbag crash detection
  • Remote Tire Pressure Monitoring
  • Engine control (Manifold absolute pressure, MAP)
  • Fuel tank vapour pressure monitoring
  • Exhaust gas pressure monitoring

Industrial applications

  • Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC)  and VAV controllers
  • I/P and P/I converters
  • General instrumentation

Medical applications

  • General instrumentation
  • Respirators, ventilators, oxygen concentrators
  • Vital signs monitors
  • Airflow application
  • Blood and fluid pressure

General applications

  • Home appliances and white goods
  • SCUBA dive computers and regulators
  • Altimeters

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