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E909.07 | Transimpedance Amplifier with High Sensitivity


The optical receiver device consists of a first stage transimpedance
amplifier (TIA) with differential input, limiting amplifiers with integrated high pass filter characteristics and differential outputs OUTP_LA / OUTN_LA and a secondary linear output OUT. A very high sensitivity equivalent to a transimpedance resistance of typ. 422MΩ is achieved at the limiting outputs. By using a limiting amplifier no phase shift occurs if the input is overdriven. Ambient light equivalent to a constant photo current up to 10mA is suppressed with an integrated gyrator. Together with the HALIOS® chip set E909.05/E909.06 motion detectors a detection range of several meters can be realized. By switching the output to high impedance state several optical receivers can be multiplexed to the input of a HALIOS® multi-purpose sensor IC E909.05/E909.06.



  • Increases proximity range of E909.06 by a factor 5
  • Limiting amplifier output
  • High resistive output stage
  • No current consumption in standby mode


  • Optical receivers
  • Transimpedance amplifiers
  • Multiplex function for channel expander of chip set

Ordering Information

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    Part No.Temp. RangePackageOrder No.
    E909.07-40°C to +105°CQFN20L4E90907A52B


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Application Diagram

Transimpedance Amplifier with High Sensitivity