The CAN SBC family provides beside the CAN interface the main µC power supply. Depending on the product version, this can be a DC/DC buck converter or an LDO regulator with 3.3V or 5V output voltage and load current up to... read more


  • Voltage regulator 3.3V/5V
  • DC/DC buck converter up to 200mA
  • HS-CAN-FD transceiver (ISO 11898-2:2016) up to 2 Mbit
  • Charge pump for external active reverse polarity protection
  • Sensor supply voltage regulator 5V/50mA
  • Integrated high-side switch typ. 0.15Ω with current sense
  • Gate control for external high-side driver (NMOS power FET)


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Application Diagram


  • ECUs connected to the CAN bus
  • Front light modules
  • Body computer

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Part No. Features Temp. Range Package Order No.
E521.22 1xCAN, 3.3V LDO -40°C to +125°C QFN32L5 E52122A61CXX2
E521.24 1xCAN, 5V LDO -40°C to +125°C QFN32L5 E52124A61CXX2
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