Motor Control _ Relay Driver

E523.30/31/34/37 (*SoC) | Free Programmable LIN2.x Relay Node for 2-4 relays


The Elmos System-on-a-Chip (SoC) family E523.3x controls four high-side driven relays, alternatively two of them lowside driven, or three bistable relays (activation in sequential order). The low-side driven relay holding current can be programmed by closed loop current controlled output stages, using a chopper principle. The high-side drivers do not support current control. The IC is controlled over a LIN 2.x(1.3), SAE-J2602 compliant communication interface. It’s node address within the LIN cluster can be determined at run time by using the “auto-addressing” feature (officially referred to as “SNPD” in the LIN specification). Neither a pin address coding or a pre-programming is needed in this case. So this is the optimal solution for following the „equal parts strategy“.

Alternatively the IC can be controlled by a PWM-interface, with diagnosis feedback. The IC core is an 8-bit microcontroller which is assisted by powerful circuitry. For relay diagnosis the IC provides three GPIO ADC input pins. ICs with FLASH memory are programmable via JTAG interface or via LIN boot loader function in normal or high speed mode. The LIN boot loader is placed in SysROM area for max. programming security and reducing the code size of the application program. For fast time-to-market Elmos provides demo-boards as well as design-in support, LIN library routines, demo code and training on the software development tool-chain.


  • Controls 4 high side driven relays or 2 low side driven relays or 3 bistable relays
  • Programmable holding current for low-side up to 800mA
  • 5.5V to 20V supply voltage (load dump 42V)
  • Embedded 8bit μC 256 Byte RAM, 8k FLASH + 4k SysROM,
    64 Byte E²
  • LIN2.x(1.3),SAE-J2602 or PWM Interface, LIN Auto-Addressing
  • TJunc peak = +170°C


  • LIN2.x or LIN1.3 relay nodes

Ordering Information

  • Samples
    Part No.FeaturesPackageOrder No.
    E523.30LIN or PWM-interface,
    LIN auto-addressing,
    8k customer FLASH
    E523.31LIN with firmware (FLASH)QFN32L6E52331C77B
    E523.34PWM interface
    8k customer FLASH
    E523.37LIN or PWM with 8k customer FLASHQFN32L6E52337C77B


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Application Diagram

Free Programmable LIN2.x Relay Node for 2-4 relays


*Plug & Play Chip with defined functionality | no controller programming necessary
*SoC System-on-a-Chip | with integrated microcontroller
*SBC System-Basic-Chip | with Voltage Regulator Reset, Watchdog, physical Interface
*Driver IC Driver Chip without SBC or SoC features