Sensor _ SSP: Sensor Signal Processor for Resistive Bridges

The Elmos SSPs are suitable for numerous automotive applications. Pressure, torque and related physical parameters can be measured with resistive MEMS, ceramic or metal film measuring bridges. The ICs feature a broad adjustment range, straightforward calibration via a serial input/output (SIO) for the entire system and extensive configuration options. They also have comprehensive, integrated self-test functions and are highly robust against overvoltage, especially for automotive applications.
Part-No./Function Interface FlexRayTM Standard Recommended IMAX Efficiency Output Range Transducer frequency Driver output Memory Detection Sensitivity Bandwidth VBAT VOUT VSUPPLY Protection ISUPPLY IPEAK IMAX DC P(Motor) peak P(Motor)max VDD VER Iq RDSON ESD (kV) Bitrate Cranking Support High-Side Driven Low-Side Driven Bi-Stabil Included µC Feed-Back Inputs Package Status Comment
Advanced Versatile Sensor Signal Processor







Digital: SENT data interface



Sensor Sensitivity
1mV/V to 130 mV/V



















5V ±0.25V











  • Automotive protection (±18V)
  • Single wire interface for calibration
  • Extended self diagnostics
  • SENT interface acc. SAE J2716, Jan2010
Sensor Signal Processor with Analog or Sent Output















Analog voltage
Digital: SENT interface


Sensor Sensitivity
1mV/V to 50mV/V












































5 to ±0.5V

























  • Automotive protection +40 / -28V
  • Very low noise front-end
  • Trimmable input low-pass filter
  • Comprehensive self diagnostics
  • SENT interface (SAE J2716, Jan 2010)