E525.07 is a control IC for up to 4 high-side power-NMOS typically driving glow plugs in Diesel engines. The load current is varied by PWM duty cycle modulation at the power- NMOS gates according to the requirements... read more


  • 4 gate drivers for external hi-side power-NMOS
  • PWM controlled gate output with integrated charge pump
  • Adjustable gate charge / discharge currents
  • Gate sequencing for minimum current ripple
  • MOS protection by gate-source voltage limitation
  • Glow plug current sense with over-current shut-off
  • Battery measurement, over-voltage and undervoltage, shut-down, charge pump monitoring


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  • Quick start Diesel engine controls for Euro 6
  • Ceramic glow plugs
  • Steel glow plugs
  • For direct and indirect injection

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E525.07 -40°C to +125°C QFN32L6 E52507A77B 
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