Next Level of Automotive UX

Intuitive Touchless Control

Todays Situation

We are used to touch displays from our smartphones. Controlling your center car touch displays while driving requires your full attention as you have to focus on navigation.


Improving safety for less driver distraction by enhancing touch display with touchless gesture recognition. Thus more intuitive control which can be also used for a wider range of car functions.


Creating reliable gesture recognition for high automotive quality standards while keeping system cost low and sensor size small.

Gesture and Object Recognition

Elmos HALIOS® and ToF Imager

Touchless control with dynamic gesture recognition.

HALIOS® application examples:

  • Basic display control (proximity and swipe)
  • Automatic door
  • Overhead lamp
  • Sun roof opener

3D environmental mapping with object and static gesture recognition

ToF application examples:

  • Advanced display control feature (finger pointing)
  • Driver and interior monitoring
  • Trunk opener

Elmos Advanced Touchless Control

Sensorfusion for optimal Balance between Size, Cost and Functionality

HALIOS® differential measurement

  • High sensitivity even with high optical cross talk
  • Very high robustness against flickering light and high ambient light
  • Reduced software support due to easy implementation of calibrations procedures 

Simple 3D ToF Imager with high performancer

  • Small number of pixels ensures data transmission with simple standard BUS systems
  • Despite the low resolution, many applications
  • Can be realized without limitations and for a cost-efficient price
  • Easy calibration (additional pixel for optical alignment available)
  • Optimized BOM list

Technical Sensor Features for Modular System

Advanced Touchless Control with both Sensors Combined

HALIOS® Sensor-Bar

  • Best in class sunlight rejection
  • Sensor interface with lowest latency
  • Configurable sensitivity
  • Scalability of the detection area via multiple ICs chain (up to seven E909.22 addressable)
  • Sensor robustness (no activation of the system due to e.g. temperature drift, ageing drift and changes in optics)
  • Automatic compensation of changes in the environment

ToF Imager

  • High ambient light immunity
  • Low power consumption
  • Two different operation modes (Sleep Mode and Full Operation Mode)
  • Low data rate
  • Automotive qualified
  • Cost-effective standard CMOS process

Real Life Sensorfusion Demonstrator

Advanced Touchless Display Control

Elmos Sensorfusion of HALIOS® and ToF enables advanced touchless display control for next level of UX. Both sensors may be used seperately but to benefit from the complete 3D detection area merge them to unleash the full power of advanced gesture recognition.

Supported gestures of Elmos Sensorfusion:

  • Finger pointing
  • Dynamic gesture (proximity / swiping)
  • Static gesture of hand and fingers
  • Chinese counting
  • Rotation

The research of Elmos was funded by the Federal Ministray for Economic Affairs and Energy in the framework of the IPCEI Microelectronics.



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