Light Drives Emotion

with Elmos LED Controller

Light is the New Chrome

Elmos LED Controller for energy efficient automotive interior lighting

Todays Situation

The only purpose of light has been to illuminate a car's interior in a functional way. Now, light evolves to create emotion and thus enhance comfort in a new way: Ambient light redefines style.


As the number of RBG LEDs required to illuminate diverse interior applications rises, energy and cost efficiency become more relevant.


Creating even illumination without seeing single light spots while keeping the number of LEDs implemented low is difficult.

Ambient Light Conquers the Car

Growing application possibilities

We expirience an evolution of the way light is implemented in the car. First indirect lighting has been used for footwell and door handles, soon stripes started contouring the dashboard, center console and doors.

Now the next stept is surface illumination, which offers new options to create customizable and colorful animations. Imagine how dashboard, doors and even the car ceiling transform to a new level.

Elmos Solution - RGB LIN Controller

Unleash your creativity

Elmos presents a LIN controller serving the new ambient light requirements. It enables even illumination with a low number of LEDs.


  • Very cost effective
  • high flexible solution - Single LED control
  • One for all (small LIN Nodes)
  • Easy positioning with position detection (BSM)
  • Forward voltage measurement allows best in class temperature compensation

Elmos LED Controller - One for All

Best driver ICs in class for energy efficient interior lighting

  • LIN transceiver compliant with LIN 2.1, LIN 2.2 and SAE-J2602
  • Linear voltage regulator with 5V, 100mA
  • State of the art 16bit µC
  • Integrated 32 up to 54K FLASH (Flexible EEPROM emulation by SW)
  • 4x PWM driven LS drivers with 5V and up to 60mA each
  • µC window watchdog
  • ADC 12bit accuracy
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