Motor Control Stepper Motor

Part-No. / Function Interface Output VSUPPLY P(Motor) peak RDSON Package Comment
E523.30 (*SoC)
Power Stepper Controller with Stall Detection and Auto Addressing (LIN/PWM Interface)
  • LIN 2.x (1.3 comp.) or
    SAE-J2602 or
    PWM Interface
  • Optional LIN Auto-Addressing (SNPD)
    only E523.30 or LIN Flash update
  • JTAG

2 channel

5.5V to 20V (42V)

≈ 25W



  • Current chopper motor control
  • Supply and read-out of up to 3 sensors
  • Embedded 8bit µC
  • 8k FLASH
  • TJunc peak = +170°C
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