Motor Control DC Motor

Part-No. / Function Interface VSUPPLY IPEAK IMAX DC P(Motor) max RDSON Package Comment
E523.30 (*SoC)
2x Full Bridge Controller (LIN / PWM Interface)
  • LIN 2.x (1.3) or SAE-J2602 or PWM bidirectional
  • LIN auto-addressing (slave mode position detection)
  • LIN Flash update for EoL and Service
  • JTAG

7V to 20V (5.5V to 42V)


2x ±75mA

(per Motor)

225mΩ (HS)
275mΩ (LS)


  • Drives 1 or 2 DC motors
  • 8bit CPU, 8k FLASH, 64Byte E2PROM
  • Current chopper motor control
  • Supply and read-out of up to 3, potentiometers or sensors
  • GPIO-pins
  • TJunc peak = +170°C
    (contact supplier for higher temperatures)
  • (*Plug & Play) - Demosoftware on request