The E521.39 is a one chip solution for RGB ambient light application. It provides an integrated 16-bit microcontroller with 32kByte FLASH memory as well as non-volatile memory, a LIN transceiver supporting LIN... read more


  • Supply range 5V to 28V, max. 40V
  • 4 high-precision LED drivers with current sinking capabilities up to 60mA for RGB and RGBW LEDs
  • 4 PWM generators with 48MHz and 16bit resolution
  • Increased current capability by driving an external transistor via the GPIO
  • Integrated 16-Bit Microcontroller with WatchDog
    - 32 KB Flash
    - 24 KB SysROM containing LIN Driver API & Boot Loader
    - 2 KB RAM
    - 128 Byte non-volatile memory
    - Hardware divider / multiplier
    - Programming via JTAG debug interface or Highspeed LIN
  • Integrated 12-Bit ADC with 400kSa/s
  • Integrated diagnostics capabilities, temperature and voltage sense
  • 2 Timers with 16bit resolution
  • JTAG_IO pin usable as: Multi-purpose pin, Analog input, GPIO
  • LIN interface according to IEC 62228-2, ISO 17987-6/-7 and the SAE J2602-2:2021 with automatic baud rate synchronization
  • LIN Auto Addressing supporting 0.2 Ohm and 1 Ohm bus shunt method
  • Package SO8EP
  • Qualified according to AEC-Q100 and AEC-Q006


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E521.39 Data Sheet

Application Diagram


  • Interior lighting
  • Control units with LIN interface

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Part No. Temp. Range Package Order No.
E521.39 -40°C to +125°C SOIC8-EP E52139B80D


Part No. Description Board type Order No.
E521.39 Evaluation Board Evaluation Kit K52139-0001
E521.39 CPU Board with removable socket Evaluation Kit K52139-0002
E521.39 CPU Board without removable socket Evaluation Kit K52139-0003
E521.39 Mini-Demo Demoboard K52139-0004
E521.39 CPU Board with removable socket CSO28 Evaluation Kit K52139-0005
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