The Four Channel Squib Driver ASSP E981.20 is designed spe-cifically for automotive airbag applications. The squib driv-er provides individual control and diagnostics for 4 floating squibs. It has two sources of control, an... read more


  • Two squib current modes (LCM and HCM) selectable via SPI commands
  • Simultaneously firing of 4 loops possible
  • Squib channel diagnostics, monitoring and current counter
  • Autarky voltage & squib supply voltage diagnostics
  • Separate low side and high side driver control
  • Serial interface (SPI synchronous communication) to μC (3.3V and 5V tolerant inputs)


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E981.20 | Data Sheet

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  • Squib driver in a Restraint Diagnostic and control Module (RDM)

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E981.20 -40°C to +95°C QFN44L7 E98120A39B
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