New IC enables direct LED lamp control using advanced networking interface capability

Elmos Semiconductor AG and Audi AG extend their long lasting partnership for LED rear light control. The partners announce sample availability of the new Elmos IC E522.95. This multichannel LED controller for exterior lighting with advanced network interface capabilities allows direct control of LED lamps. Equipped with a 2Mbps CAN FD protocol and a CAN FD physical interface, the E522.95 can be connected directly to the Body Control Unit (BCM) via the car in-vehicle network – therefore local lighting control units are no longer needed.

“Enabling direct control between the BCM and LED lamps marks an important step towards realizing centralized car lighting and domain driven architectures considered essential for styling, customization, dynamic animation and autonomous drive by removing the need of localized lighting control units and thereby resulting into significant system cost savings and above all full application flexibility.” said Dr. Klaus Büttner, Executive Vice President Electrics/Electronics, CarIT of the Audi AG.

Developed fully according to the ISO26262 Functional Safety development process, the E522.95 offers a full suite of diagnosis features that ensure reliable system operation of LED drivers and enable achieving ASIL-B ratings at system level. The 16 channel E522.95 LED controller has a maximum output current of 100mA per channel and supports Elmos’ patented power management methodology ensuring a constant light intensity of the LEDs even under difficult thermal conditions. The E522.95 is offered in a QFN40 package with an exposed die pad.

“The introduction of the E522.95 marks a significant step in our collaboration with Audi in bringing innovative system solutions based on our expertise in in-vehicle network interfaces. We are pleased to see that our joint efforts result in solutions allowing new features for the end users while at the same time cost savings at the OEM.” said Dr. Anton Mindl, CEO Elmos Semiconductor AG. 
For further product information, datasheet, evaluation kits and engineering samples, please contact with “E522.95” in the subject line or contact us by telephone: + 49 231 7549 100.

The product features of the E522.95 will also be shown at the CES (Las Vegas, 7-10 January 2020). You will find Elmos in the Westgate Tower (Suite #19121), adjacent to the CES Congress Center.

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