The E523.42 is a highly integrated motor controller for 12V automotive application. The device combines a 32bit ARM® Cortex®-M0 microcontroller and a high-voltage analog motor driver in a small footprint leadless package.
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  • Control and drive of a three phase brush less motor (BLDC), a three phase stepper motor or two conventional DC motors.
  • Integrated three half bridge driver with a maximum phase current of 600mA (RMS) per each phase. Boost mode up to 1A peak(1
  • Integrated measurement system for motor current and voltage (phase and supply)
  • Monitor and diagnosis features:
    - Under/Over-voltage , over-current, over-temperature
    - Short circuit and open load detection
  • Smart supply block for 12V automotive boardnet
    - Configurable low supply voltage (<7V) operation
    - 30μA sleep mode current (25°C typ.)
  • Area and power optimized 32bit ARM® Cortex®-M0(2
     - 32 KByte OTP, 256 Byte customer EEPROM
     - 24 KByte SysROM(3 for LIN protocol and bootloader
  • Serial interface for fast end-of-line progamming
  • Support of external sensor by
    - 5V/20mA voltage supply
    - Data interfaces (analog/digital GPIOs, SPI)
  • LIN 2.2 autobaud interface and auto-addressing (compatible to LIN 2.0 and 1.3 and SAE-J2602-2), LIN 2.2 SNPD
  • Operating range of -40°C to +150°C junction temperature

    (1 Thermal limitation
    (2 ARM® and Cortex® are the registered trademarks of ARM Limited in the EU and other countries.
    (3 Contact Elmos for customization


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  • Three motor(BLDC), a three phase stepper motor or two conventional DC motors
  • ƒƒ Sensorless motion detection
  • Seat Cooling Fan
  • Grille Shutter

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E523.42 -40°C to +125°C QFN32L5 E52342A61C
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