Financial Calendar 2020 
Preliminary results 2019*February 18, 2020
Analysts Conference (Conference Call/Webcast)February 18, 2020
Final results 2019*March 19, 2020
Quarterly results Q1/2020*May 6, 2020
Virtual AGM (new date)May 22, 2020
Quarterly results Q2/2020*August 5, 2020
Quarterly results Q3/2020*November 4, 2020


Financial Calendar 2021 
Preliminary results 2020*February 17, 2021
Analysts Conference (Conference Call/Webcast)February 17, 2021
Final results 2020*March 17, 2021
Quarterly results Q1/2021*May 6, 2021
AGMMay 20, 2021
Quarterly results Q2/2021*August 4, 2021
Quarterly results Q3/2021*November 4, 2021


* The German Securities Trading Act (Wertpapierhandelsgesetz) and the Market Abuse Regulation (EU) oblige issuers to immediately announce any information that may have a substantial price impact, irrespective of the communicated schedules. Therefore it is possible that we will announce key figures of quarterly and annual results ahead of the dates listed above. As we can never rule out changes of dates, we recommend checking dates and news ahead of schedule on the Company’s website.

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