Part-No. / Function Interface Transducer frequency Architecture Transducer driver type / output Measurable Distance* VSUPPLY Package Comment
Direct Drive Smart LIN Ultrasonic Sensor IC

LIN 2.2

30kHz to 83kHz

Bus or pt-to-pt
or ECU less

direct drive

10cm – 300cm

7V to 24V


  • Customer programmable controller
  • System cost optimized direct drive solution
  • Optional use in ECU less systems
LIN Smart Ultrasonic Parking Assist (ROM)

LIN 2.2

30kHz to 125kHz

Bus or pt-to-pt

transformer / 188mA to 518mA

15cm - 500cm

8V to 18V


  • Optimized ready-to-use and flexible standard software
  • Cost optimized ROM version of E524.14

*) Reachable detection range for a standard pole (75mm diameter, 1m height).
Overall system performance depends on external components (transducer, transformer, PCB layout, …) and environmental conditions (supply voltage, noise, ambient temperature, …)

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