Innovation Matters

Elmos develops, produces and markets semiconductors,
mainly for use in the automotive industry since 1984

Press Releases

Elmos advances to the TecDAX

Elmos at Sensor+Test 2024 in Nuremberg: Innovative sensor IC solutions for automotive and industrial applications

Ultrasonic distance measurement, LiDAR, pressure sensors, gesture recognition

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Elmos: Annual General Meeting approves dividend of 0.85 Euro per share

Large majority for all items on the agenda

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News on Social Media

Die Ausbildungsmesse „Wittener Markt der #Ausbildung“ am 28. Juni war ein wahres Highlight! ...

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BLUE MOON on tour beim Weltmarktführer Elmos ...

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Today, the Hochschule Hamm-Lippstadt visited us with 20 international students that are in Germany to participate in a summer school with the topic „The Business of German Engineering“. ...

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Product Segments

Motor Control

Stepper, Brushless DC and DC Controller ICs

Thermal Management: cabin (HVAC, seat ventilation), engine (cooling fan, grille shutter) and battery (water pump)
Comfort: window lifter


Static and Dynamic LED Driver ICs

Exterior: rear (break, turn indicator, reverse, fog, daytime)
Interior: ambient (stripes, floor, roof, reading, door panels, cup-holders, dashboard surfaces)



Ultrasonic Distance Sensor ICs

ADAS fusion: 360° surround sensing / pointcloud generation
Park assistance: standard and automatic parking 
Safety warning: blind spot detection, side distance, cross traffic, emergency brake, pre-crash


Infrared (HALIOS) Sensor, Time of Flight and PIR

UX: static and dynamic gestures and proximity (display control, trunk and door opener)
Safety: solid state flash LiDAR and laser driver (surround sensing for ADAS applications), object recognition (passenger)

Sensor ICs

Sensor Signal Processor and Pressure ICs

Automotive: pressure, force, torque, and position sensing for highest safety requirements, brake pressure
Industry: flow metering, baromatic air pressure, low pressure sensing (respirators)

Safety/Power/Custom ICs

Safety, Engine Management, and Relay Driver ICs
DC/DC Converter, LDO Regulator
PSI5, LIN/CAN, KNX Transceiver

Safety: airbag
Power: eFuse, DC/DC converter, low dropout regulator
Interfaces: PSI5, LIN/CAN and KNX transceivers

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