We live sustainability

Elmos pays heed to environmental concerns and has received certification in line with both the demanding environmental management standard ISO 14001 and the energy management standard ISO 50001. This certification is reviewed every year and is confirmed in repeat audits.


Environmental protection is part of our entrepreneurial thinking

Sustainability is part of our corporate strategy. We perceive added value in a comprehensive way. We orient the success of our business activities not only toward financial key figures, but also want to connect that success with social acceptance, a high level of ecological awareness, and correct ethical conduct.

Employees ensure success

Employee matters are a central topic for us. We would like to create a working environment where our employees are able to apply their skills and develop accordingly. We have a policy of advancing employees Company-wide regardless of gender. When selecting applicants, we pay attention to their suitability, motivation, and expertise and do not privilege or disadvantage anybody based on factors such as gender, cultural background, nationality, religion, worldview, disability, age, or sexual orientation. In order to ensure the continuous professional development of its staff, Elmos offers employees a wide range of training courses.

The principles of proper conduct toward and among employees, as well as toward external persons and institutions, are defined in our Code of Conduct. The code addresses issues such as law-abiding behavior, conflicts of interest, and dealing with information and Company assets. The Code of Conduct is binding for all employees.

PDF | Code of Conduct

Alongside the rights and duties listed here, we also offer voluntary services to improve the health of our employees. In-house health promotion is an essential social standard implemented by Elmos. Along with general health programs, it includes special offers for employees doing shift work. Among other benefits that go beyond the usual are the in-house cafeteria, our own parking garage, and our in-house gym at our headquarters in Dortmund, Germany. In addition, an in-house health team provides certain medical examinations and influenza vaccinations for employees. Moreover, the health team organizes the participation in local sporting events, such as company runs.

Where necessary, the Company negotiates measures, rights, and duties with the Elmos works council. In order to keep this positive collaboration going, members of Company management and the works council connect with each other in different groups. Regular works meetings at the Company’s major locations provide management and employees with the opportunity to engage in exchange with each other.

Our Code of Conduct for employees and the Supplier Code of Conduct for our suppliers set out how human rights are to be upheld. Our suppliers and business partners must comply with the rules set out in our Supplier Code of Conduct and must also require their sub-suppliers to comply. Examples of what is required by the Supplier Code of Conduct include upholding international human rights, observing employee rights in line with national and international standards, and rejecting child labor, forced labor, and discrimination of all kinds.

We actively strive to combat corruption and bribery at our Company. Elmos has an Group-wide compliance management system. This includes rules such as a prohibition against bribery and corruption, maximum limits for the value of gifts, commitment to correct accounting, non-disclosure obligations with respect to confidential information, and prohibitions against anti-competitive conduct. Especially trained compliance officers at headquarters and at important foreign locations monitor compliance with rules and laws. Moreover, they provide clear guidance to employees with compliance questions. Select employees must take part in compliance training that addresses different aspects of compliance and provides instruction for the areas in which they work.

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